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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


  Thank you for your support,allowing Hengxin to develop healthily!

  Thank you for your care,making Hengxin's achievements remarkable!

  For over 20 years,Hengxin has achieved multiple scientific research achievements and honors.It has the Hunan Provincial Underground Passenger Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center,

  Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center,and Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center.More than one million miners ride the"hengxxin"brand"Monkey Car' evey day,with a travel distance of 2000 kilometes.

  For over 20 years,Hengxin has been committed to providing safe,environmentally friendly,and energy-saving products for mining enterprises,and we look forward to your continued support and love.Hengxin will definitely be even better!

  Chairman:Xiao gongping

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