1. Working principle

The endless rope winch drives the steel wire rope to operate in an endless cycle. Pedestrians clamp the rope rod onto the steel wire rope running up the mountain, and the steel wire rope running up the mountain pulls people upwards to assist in climbing,
So as to reduce the physical exertion of miners uphill, but the use of walking aids is prohibited when going downhill.


2. Characteristics

◆ Miners are on the move with high safety performance;
◆ There are no special requirements for the installed inclined roadway, which occupies a small space in the roadway;
◆ Simple structure, low one-time equipment investment;
◆ Easy to install and maintain, and easy to operate.


3. Technical parameters

◆ Drive power: 5.5kw, 11.4kw, 25kw
◆ Assistance efficiency: 200-300 people/h
◆ Operating speed: 0.4-1.0m/s
◆ Applicable inclination angle: ≤ 45 °
◆ Maximum assisted walking slope length: ≤ 3000m


4. Security protection

◆ Off side protection
◆ Rope removal protection
◆ Emergency stop protection for the entire line

5. Schematic diagram

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