Overview of Endless Rope
  1 Working principle

 The driving device is the power source of the endless rope continuous tractor,which is divided into two types:mechanical driving device and hydraulic driving device.Continuous traction with endless rope
  The car is powered by a driving device,which drives the driving wheels to rotate.The steel wire rope is spiral wound to generate strong friction with the driving wheels,thereby making the steel
  The wire rope has sufficient traction to pull the shuttle car to move,and when the mining car transporting heavy objects is connected to the shuttle car,the purpose of transporting heavy objects can be achieved.Tensioning
  The device provides a constant pre tension to the traction steel wire rope,ensuring the normal operation of the endless rope continuous traction vehicle.To adapt to the undulating slope,follow the
  The road is equipped with a wheel group,which can prevent vehicles from falling off the road when the steel wire rope is lifted,and also prevent the steel wire rope from rubbing against the bottom plate of the tunnel.The wheel assembly is divided into a pressure rope wheel assembly
  Rope supporting wheel group,rope supporting wheel group,turning wheel group,etc.The tail wheel is fixed at the end of the endless rope continuous towing vehicle,supporting the reaction force of the entire system
  It also plays a role in reversing the direction of the steel wire rope.


  2 Scope of application
     Suitable for underground transportation tunnels in mines, as well as tunnels with variable slopes and turns, mainly used for material and equipment transportation.
  3 Model Regulations

Example: Product model SQ-100/110YY represents: rated traction force of 100KN, motor power of 110KW, hydraulic speed regulation, hydraulic tension
Tight endless rope continuous towing vehicle.


   The product model SQ-80/90B represents an endless rope continuous tractor with a rated traction force of 80KN, motor power of 90KW, gear speed change, and heavy hammer tension.

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