About Us


Corporate vision: To make mines full of "Hengxin"

Hengxin Spirit: Innovation, dedication, unity, and hard work

Core values of the enterprise: using our technology, integrity, and building social harmony

Corporate mission: To create the safest, most environmentally friendly, and most energy-efficient products, allowing "Hengxin Shares" to travel throughout the mines

Quality philosophy: Products are like character, quality is fundamental

Quality Policy: Quality determines survival, brand achieves future quality goals: To build "Hengxin Shares" into a well-known brand both domestically and internationally

Management philosophy: Do not accept defects; Not creating defects; No output defects

Marketing philosophy: Marketing quality, delivering word-of-mouth

Market philosophy: Welcome customers with full enthusiasm; Serving customers with exquisite technology; Touching customers with sincere service

Talent concept: Talents are the source of wealth for enterprises

Employment philosophy: discovering people, shaping people, cultivating people, and putting people first

Safety philosophy: Safety is life, life is above all else

Moral philosophy: treating others well is treating oneself well

Learning philosophy: Not learning is equivalent to giving up on oneself

Behavioral philosophy: Brave to take responsibility

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